PLOCAN and METCenter signs collaboration agreement

PLOCAN (Plataforma Oceanica De Canarias) and METCentre (Marine Energy Test Centre) has signed a collaboration agreement for further collaboration on market solutions, tes solutions, regulatory aspects and environmental considerations.

The partners have considered that the test centres together can play an important role in the European green energy transition. The two partners have different characteristics in terms of location, test infrastructure and financing, testing and market approach, that together can provide significant synergies for both test centres, Norway, Spain and the rest of Europe.

METCentre is part of the Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster and envisages that this collaboration also can provide added value for the 277 member companies in the Cluster.

METCentre and PLOCAN have agreed on the following:

  • To work on offshore wind in deep waters in their respective countries, as well as together when the opportunity arises.
  • To seek areas of strategic benefit for both nations and their offshore wind supply chain through cooperation and partnership.
  • To deliver activities for the mutual benefit of the test centres as well as for relevant industrial actors in Spain and Norway.