About us

Founded in 2009, MET Centre is recognized as a world leading North Sea test centre for testing new marine renewable energy technologies such as floating wind power, solar energy and wave energy under various conditions. The test centre provides concessions, infrastructure and services required for testing in deep waters (200+ metres).

Although floating offshore wind is a relatively new field, MET Centre already has a proud history. Equinor installed the world’s very first floating wind turbine, Hywind Demo, here in 2009, Google Makani was tested at the centre in 2019 and the demonstration of the first 10+MW floating concept (Flagship) will commence in 2022.

METCentre’s test area for floating offshore wind is located 10 km offshore, close to the recently released Utsira Nord field, and is currently holding 2 concessions for floating offshore wind. In addition Unitech Zefyros is placed at METCentre under its own concession. The test area is close to yards, port, and several deep water quays.

The work to strengthen the test infrastructure and services offered has already begun, and will be finalized in 2021 – 2022.

Some unique characteristics for METCentre

  • Concessions already granted
  • Critical test infrastructure in place
  • 22 kV / 15 MW export cable, additional cable for 66 kV will be added in 2022
  • Fibre for data communication available
  • Unique natural conditions for test of floating technologies (depth, currents and wind)
  • Geographical location of the test centre is close to yards, ports and to the large markets (North Sea)

METCentre is also the administrative body of Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster which is the largest offshore wind cluster in Norway with more than 270 member companies.