“We searched the whole world for a place to test out energy kite, and we chose Haugesund. It was a no-brainer. I can’t wait to show up on your doorstep with another seed of innovation.”

Charles Nordstrom, Offshore Navigator at Makani

“We chose to do our testing at Metcentre because they smooth out red tape and provide valuable support vis-à-vis the authorities and other stakeholders. There are far fewer bureaucratic challenges here than other places”

Henrik Stiesdal, founder and CEO of Stiesdal.

“Norway has a wonderful maritime industry and is perfect for testing our technology”

Andrea Dunlap, communications consultant at Makani

«We chose to work with METCentre as they have vast experience from testing floating offshore wind energy designs. In addition to the right experience, they also have the right connections, an innovative way of thinking and a customer-oriented mindset.

Efva Willén, Business Development Manager at SeaTwirl

“The quality of the centre’s activities is exceptionally high, and they are also very customer-oriented”

Henrik Stiesdal, founder and CEO of Stiesdal


   12km 15MW submarine cable laid at a depth of 200m MW

   Connected to 22kV power on land


   Deep water: 200 meters depth, 10km from shore. Concession for 7 floating offshore wind turbines granted.

   Shallow water: 20-40 meters depth, 1 km from shore.  Concessions for 2 turbines granted.


   Base with dock, warehouse and project offices

   Mechanical work in steel and aluminium

   Boat transport

   Operation and maintenance services


We can offer meteorological and oceanographic data, both historical and prognostic data